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Structural Funds

Foundation Innove mediates EU structural Funds assistance since 2004.In 2004-2006 Innove was responsible for all ESF and ERDF measures in education. In 2007-2013 Innove coordinated the Structural Funds assistance in the areas of education and working life within the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development and the Operational programe for the Development of the Living Enviroment. Innove mediated European Social Funds (ESF) assistance (over 397 M€ in total) and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) investments (over 213 M€ in total). In 2014-2020 Innove mediates the Structural Funds assistance over 918 M€ in total.

Foundation Innove mediates structural aid via three assistance schemes:

  • open calls – assistance for activities announced in a specific round can be applied for by organizations listed in the regulation regulating the relevant measure;
  • ministry activities – beneficiaries and activities are approved by a directive of a minister;
  • investment plans – beneficiaries are approved by the Government of the Republic and entered in the National Investment Plan.

Innove opens calls upon a corresponding order by a ministry. Information on opening calls is available on Innove's Estonian home page; assistance is applied for in Estonian, the relevant regulation and application forms also available in Estonian.

With open calls, projects are implemented mostly in adherence to the refinancing principle i.e. the organization must first incur relevant costs and assistance is paid thereafter. For more detailed information on open calls go to Innove's home page in Estonian.

Innove Structural Funds Agency main tasks:

  • Counselling and informing applicants and wider public
  • Processing of project applications, coordinating evaluation and selection procedures
  • Making financing decisions
  • Checking payment claims and submitting payment orders to the Paying Authority
  • Conducting on-the-spot verifications
  • Collecting data for monitoring
  • Dealing with irregularities and recoveries.

The agency comprises 3 centres:

  • Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Labour Market Centre
  • Monitoring Centre

NB! Additional information about periods 2007-2013 and 2014-2020.