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Estonian language proficiency examinations

On this web page you can find information about the organisation of Estonian language proficiency examinations and the reimbursement of the cost of language courses.

The requirements for Estonian language proficiency as well as its assessment and testing are established by the Language Act.

The structure and procedure of Estonian language proficiency examinations is determined by the regulation of the Minister of Education and Research.

Mandatory language proficiency is determined on the basis of the language proficiency levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Language proficiency examinations are to be passed for proving the level of language proficiency required for employment in certain positions. Occupational language proficiency is determined and national examinations are held for four levels in the Estonian language: level A2, level B1, level B2 and level C1.

At least level B1 pro­ficiency of the Estonian language is required for applying for Estonian citizenship. An applicant for Estonian citizenship who is 65 years old and older is exempted from fulfilling the requirements set by the Estonian Republic Citizenship Act § 8 Chapter 2 Clause 4 (the skill to compose a simple text on a familiar topic or a topic of personal interest), i.e. from the written test. If the person has filed the relevant application, he/she is to take three parts of the examination: listening, reading and speaking. 

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